Pension Option Strategies

Plan to select your largest pension option, but still protect your spouse through private strategies.

Retirement Strategies

Integrated offensive and defensive strategies to maximize spendable retirement income.

Financial Strategies

Structure your financial future by implementing disciplined strategies for future lifestyle rewards.

Executive Strategies

Enhance your retirement's future through selective tax advantage programs.


As a public employee we can help you with the following:

  • Understanding your pension options
  • Strategize pension options
  • Integrate an offensive and defensive approach to optimize your future

Business owners face many challenges in their day to day lives, we can make things
easier by helping with:

  • Business succession strategies
  • Convert human capital to retirement
  • Minimize future taxes for retirement

Executives make decisions for the future of their company and sometimes need
help focusing ON their business instead of IN their business.

  • Retain and reward key employee plans
  • Selective retirement packages for key executives
  • Explore IRS regulations for tax wise benefits


The “Defense Wins Championships” mentality isn’t a new concept, but it takes offensive and defensive strategies to WIN in your retirement future. Whether you are calling plays in the NFL or working to fund your most important personal retirement goals, we can help you understand how to win before and after retirement.  

We help people retire properly and plan for the future.

  • Current balance sheet (assets minus liabilities)
  • Pension benefit estimate with survivor options 
  • Estimated salary increases between now and retirement 
  • Write a list of questions you have about your pension options. 
  • Balance sheet (assets/liabilities)
  • Current income, all sources and expected changes in the next 5 years
  • Any company 401k, pension statements or benefit estimates
  • Social Security estimate (online at
  • Preferred retirement age
  • Preferred income replacement either amount or percent of future incom
  • Retirement plans provided at work (401k plan, profit sharing, etc.)
  • Ownership percentage of current business and other business entities
  • Current income, all sources, and expected changes in the next 5 years
  • Existing executive benefits available to you but not all employees
  • Current sources of TAX FREE income at retirement.
  • Please bring current balance sheet (assets/liabilities)
  • Current income and expected changes in the next 5 years
  • Any 401k or pension statements
  • Preferred retirement age
  • Major future expected expenditures (college education, business opportunities, etc.)

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